Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goal Line Technology

It has been quite some time; the need of goal line technology is evident in modern day football, with a broad base of over 200 members FIFA(Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has tried to implement technologies to the most popular game in the world. One of the foremost tech-science used is Goal line technology
Goal is when a team is able to cross whole of the ball into opponent’s goal area enclosed within a cross bar, goal post and a goal line.  

Now the ambiguity arises due to the law states the “WHOLE” ball, the confusion is reduced by linesman or goal referees along with the match referee who try to track the ball’s correct penetration into the goal area. But in a fast paced game keeping track of such along with variousocclusions caused by the players is an impossible task hence various errors arise.
So we use the aid of technology to track if ball has transcended the goal area. 

One way of doing such is using is using HAWKEYE. This technology has already been used in fast paced games as cricket and tennis where the requirement is also similar to our problem. In this approach the venue is fitted with cameras that only track the ball.

The tracked result is fed to a powerful computer that generates images from these data streams filtering out the players and the referee, and an algorithm keeps track of the ball position if in the generated image the ball crosses the goal line. If such case arises a signal is generated to the referees watch denoting a goal has occurred 

Another approach is use of ELECTRONIC BALL. This technique relies on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In this a low frequency magnetic field is created around the goal area, which is done by installing coils inside the goal posts and crossbar. The ball is attached with a passive electronic circuit embedded between the leather outer and inflatable inner layers.

Software monitors any change of the magnetic field in the goal. A change that occurs due to the passage of the coils in the ball over the line is monitored and an encrypted message is sent to the referee on his watch denoting a goal has occurred.
A similar approach to above is the Cairos which has the same electronic ball concept only difference is it uses cables inside the goal turf to create magnetic field

GoalRef(electronic ball) along with Cairos and HawkEye are the three systems approved for use in the professional game by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).
Football is an art not a science so football followers are hostile to use of science in a traditional game which has been liked over centuries without need of technology.
It would be divisive creating disagreement between people who don’t trust technology. 
The use of the methods can cause removal of linesmen, from the game causing several people and dedicated men to lose jobs. 
The technology creates inconsistency in the laws of the game. 
The costs and changes for a relatively rare scenario are unjustified It brings no overall change to the causes of success and failure in football. Hence analogies with other sports are false.
For few FIFA’s main aim should be spreading football to the common masses not make it costlier over a rare phenomenon.